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Have we created a cult of leadership?
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Develop and grow or die?
When do people learn most effectively? ...read more

An opportunity for you to be a more effective leader
The Challenge Of Walking AND Chewing Gum ...read more

Don't judge a book by its cover
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The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
Clues on how to overcome organisational Darwinism ...read more

Update on leadership: Where does its future lie?
How do leaders add value to organisations ...read more

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Leading Australian management consultant, Dr Roger Collins, assists organisations and teams achieve excellence in leadership, performance, sustainable success, strategy development and implementation.

He is Professor Emeritus at the University of NSW, serves on the board at Inenco Pty Ltd, a highly successful engineering supply company serving the mining, manufacturing, agricultural, oil, and gas industries in Australia, New Zealand and the Asian region. More about Roger's background

Areas of expertise and management consultancy services

Dr Roger Collins can assist your business with achieving success by providing a range of consultancy services to improve your business. Roger specialises in:

  • how managers can provide leadership to sustain their organisation's performance and longer term success
  • creating high performance executive teams
  • how to link HR practices to strategy in ways that offer competitive advantage and higher performance
  • organisational renewal and change
  • factors influencing career and life success

His ability to work across both high level strategy and thinking and practical solutions is exceptional. Roger brings the very latest in workplace practices and theory to CEO and executive teams. Find out more about Roger's services

Conference, Events and Keynote Speaking

Roger is a dynamic speaker and presenter, inspiring teams to succeed. Roger custom designs and facilitates in-house and off-site company workshops and retreats, provides keynote speeches at national and international conferences, works with a range of celebrity speaking firms, ensuring events are a success. More about Roger's services

Contact Dr Roger Collins

Contact Roger personally to discuss options and the range of services he can provide to improve your business.

Roger - Shaping HR

"Speaking on behalf of the HR community in New Zealand, I can acknowledge the very substantial way you have helped shaped and encouraged the HR profession in New Zealand"

Beverley Main
Human Resources Institute of NZ
Chief Executive