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"I’m writing to thank you for your presentation. It was everything a speech should be and I applaud you for its elegance and power. Thank you for your very useful brain food"

Heather Carmody, World Competitive Practices Pty Ltd

"Roger was outstanding, the venue fantastic, and the course materials excellent. This has been the best HRINZ course that I have been on!"

Chief Executive Officer and HRINZ member

"All the best to you in the future, Roger. I am eternally grateful to you for your encouragement and in particular for that wonderful strategic HR program which opened up my heart and my mind to new possibilities and a new self-confidence"

Philip Pogson

"High quality and relevant, grounded, personable, knowledgeable"

Leadership Psychology Forum



Here is a cross-section of some of Roger's articles available for your use. They are a great resource to facilitate discussion and provoke ideas regarding human resource management, executive leadership, success and adding value to an organisation.

Roger has co-authored and edited a number of books including Australia's best selling Management in Australia which has sold over 112,000 copies and produced an innovative self-development software package for managers.

Title Link
Have we created a cult of leadership?
A contrarian view of the current excitement about leadership

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Is this HR's Own Glass Ceiling?
This and other Big Challenges
Whither The Future of HR? Let's prevent it from withering away!
How does an Executive Team add value?
And what can we as HR leaders do to enhance it's performance and relevance ?
Update on Leadership: Where does its future lie?
How do leaders add value to organisations
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The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer:
Some clues on how to overcome Organisational Darwinism
Develop and grow or die?
When do people learn most effectively?
Same or Different? Universal or Situational? Download Paper
Don't Judge a Book by its cover
The hidden secrets of high performance organisations
The HR leader of the Future: A Contrarian View
Will what got us here get us there? Probably not!
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An Opportunity For You To Be A More Effective Leader: 
The Challenge Of Walking AND Chewing Gum
Adding more HR value Are you justifying your continued employment?
Sleeping Well At Night Are We?
I hope that these ideas keep you awake tonight!


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